Class Descriptions

Concurrent Sessions A

A-1 * Irrigation for High Desert Gardens - Molly McDowell Dunston, owner of North of South Landscapes, Inc. - Gardening is tough enough in Central Oregon that you don't need to combat poor irrigation issues too! Learn what to do with your irrigation system to ensure system efficiency and a healthy landscape. Topics covered: irrigation overview, steps for efficiency, drip systems & conversions, and temporary systems. If you have a question about something specific with your system, bring it to class (snap a quick pic with a smart phone).

A-2 * Introduction to Vegetable Gardening in Central Oregon - Pat Kolling, OSU Certified Master Gardener - Speaker will present an introduction to vegetable gardening in Central Oregon, including the climate, soil and other challenges. Specific vegetables will also be discussed.

A-3 * DIY: Growing Gorgeous Succulents in Small Containers - Joy Lawrence, Community & Business Dev. Mngr., Moonfire & Sun Garden Center - Create an 8" color bowl full of long-blooming, water- wise, bee-friendly & deer resistant sedums. Join us in planting prolific sempervivum, spreading rupestre & upright hylo-telephium varieties into a stunning arrangement. Learn about their basic care, pest and disease prevention plus useful propagation techniques and other DIY craft ideas for hardy succulents. Materials Fee $10 to be paid when registering.

A-4 * Tree Selection for Central Oregon - Ciara McCarthy, Urban and Community Forestry Professional - This class will ensure you gain a clear understanding of what trees do, why and when. Understanding the basic science of trees is more than 50% of the battle to keep them healthy. Once we reach this firm foundation, the class will cover the criteria for tree selection and planting for your landscape, examining site, location and function. The outcome for this class is to enable you to select the right tree for the right place.

Concurrent Sessions B

B-1 * Growing Cold Hardy Cactus in the High Desert - David Stetson - Learn everything you need to know about growing outdoor/cold hardy cactus in the High Desert.

B-2 * Growing Tree Fruit - Steve Renquist, OSU Extension Horticulture Agent, Douglas County - Class will cover how to raise deciduous tree fruit in a low input sustainable system. Most tree fruit raised in Oregon must have pest control plans to minimize both insect and disease issues for the fruit and trees. Speaker will discuss the importance of pest and disease control timing to eliminate weekly spray routines, types of fruit and varieties of fruit that are more resistant to pests, and the importance of proper training, pruning, and cultural practices to raising high quality fruit.

B-3 * Cold Climate Clematis - Linda Beutler, curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection - Clematis grow all over the world, from frigid Lake Baikal to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the timberline of the Rocky Mountains. The hardiest clematis, C. siberica, is hardy to USDA Zone 2. This presentation will focus on the hardiest of the winter hardy clematis, with nothing more tender than Zone 6. You'll be amazed at the variety of flower and plant form!

B-4 * Vegetable Varieties for Central Oregon - Jim Fields, commercial vegetable grower - Learn what vegetable varieties do well here in Central Oregon from a farmer who has been growing vegetables in Bend for 29 years.

* Classes approved for Master Gardener recertification
Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by March 31, to Rocky Bessette,

8:00 am - 9:30 am

Concurrent Sessions C

C-1 * Central Oregon Climate and How It Relates to Gardening - Amy Jo Detweiler, OSU Faculty - Come and find out how the unique climate in Central Oregon affects gardening. You will learn about temperature, elevation, soils, growing seasons, and season extension. Learn tips and tricks to help you be successful with cold-climate gardening.

C-2 * How to Have a Flower Garden - not a Critter Salad Bar! - Genie McBurnett - Speaker will share the tricks and plant choices that allow lovely flowers and greenery to prosper in her garden while letting her be at ease with the variety of deer and small critters that live there and visit. Speaker will also include photos and information on critters and plants that share her space and the tips that help them all get along. A list of her "Last Plants Standing" will be provided in hopes that it will be of use to others.

C-3 * How Gardening Will Save the World - Gail Langellotto, statewide coordinator of the Extension
Master Gardener Program, OSU Professor and Ph.D. in entomology - In a rapidly urbanizing world, gardens
will play an increasingly important role in community food security, climate moderation, and biodiversity conservation. In cities, gardens provide important opportunities to interact with the natural world and to
experience new foods. This talk will present the latest research on ecosystem services provided by gardens,
and tips that you can use to make your garden a lean, mean ecosystem-service machine.

C-4 * Freezing Your Harvest - Diane Tolzman, OSU Master Food Preserver - Learn what fruits and vegetables freeze well; how to prepare the food for freezing and what equipment you need to freeze food to assure the best results.

Concurrent Sessions D

D-1 * Turf Grass Maintenance in Central Oregon - TJ Todd, owner and operator of a landscape company - Learn about proper watering, fertilizing and maintenance of your lawn in the high desert.

D-2 * The Ruby Red Jewel of the Summer Table - Liz Douville, OSU Certified Master Gardener - Yes, you can grow tomatoes in Central Oregon. Choosing the correct varieties for our climate is the first step. Understanding the growing cycle from seed to harvest and growing tips and handouts will add to your success. Space is not a limiting factor; container planting on apartment decks, small patios or in conventional garden space will provide the "ruby jewel" to enjoy.

D-3 * Straw Bale Gardening: What it can offer Central Oregon gardeners - Jennifer Gold, OSU Certified Master Gardener - Straw bale gardening gives the Central Oregon gardener an opportunity to extend the growing season and grow annuals where the soil is problematic or non-existent. The height of straw bales provides easy access and the decomposed straw bales result in wonderful compost every year. Learn if this method is something you might find helpful in the quest for a productive and attractive garden in our challenging growing climate.

D-4 * Prune Like a Pro – Toni Stephan, OSU Extension Horticulture and Small Farms Instructor – Are you tired of nearly being poked in the eye by an unruly bush near your front entrance or having to duck every time you walk under that certain tree? Want to do something about it? Come learn the basics of pruning so you can take care of theenacing branches of these problem plants. Maybe you just want to know the correct way to prune your favorite shrub. The first step to pruning like a pro is to learn how and when to prune, then to take action. After this class you will be ready to do just that.

* Classes approved for Master Gardener recertification
Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by March 31, to Rocky Bessette,
10:00 am - 11:30 am
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm