Keeping up with the times, this year’s edition of the Spring Gardening Seminar will be Virtual Only. We have an exciting line up. All our classes will be offered via 90-minutes Zoom webinars. Pre-registration and $5 payment per class are required (*). You will need to register separately for each individual class you wish to attend. Once you choose a class, click on the Register button to complete your registration and pay for your class. Please forward any questions to: springgardeningseminar@gmail.com.


Oregon Master Gardeners: All five webinars are approved for advanced education credit for the length of the classes (90 minutes).

(*) Payment is via Paypal only. A Paypal account is not required as you will be able to pay via a guest account. However, a Paypal account will streamline your experience if you decide to register for multiple classes


Saturday April 3rd, 10:00am – 11:30am                                    
Avoiding the Green Meatball: How and When to Prune Flowering Shrubs

Neil Bell, Community Horticulturist, Marion & Polk Counties
Often what passes for pruning in many landscapes is shearing of the plant annually into some sort of geometric shape, of which the sphere (or meatball) is among the most popular. Entire landscapes can be pruned in this way, such that the original habit of the various plants in the garden (and their identity in extreme cases) is indistinguishable. This practice often is more work than pruning to the natural habit of the plant. It also eliminates from the landscape the texture and form and often flowers that plants of different architecture contribute. This class will cover identification of growth habit and flowering of shrubs so that the array of plants in your central Oregon garden can be pruned the right way at the right time.


Saturday April 3rd, 1:00pm – 2:30pm                                  
Producing Blueberries and Raspberries in Your Home Garden or Your Patio —

Methods for Success in Raised Beds or Pots
Dr. Bernadine Strik, Professor, Dept. of Horticulture, Oregon State University
Growing blueberries and raspberries in the home garden is rewarding. Some berries are easier than others in this region. Don’t be discouraged—with the right methods you WILL be successful. This class will cover how to amend the soil in your yard or what to use for “soil” in a raised bed or container, how to plant, fertilize, and pruning techniques to ensure your plants will establish well and produce fruit for many years.



Saturday April 10th, 10:00am – 11:30am                                   
Native Plant Landscaping: Creating a Sanctuary for Birds, Pollinators, and Humans

Rick Martinson, President, WinterCreek Restoration & Nursery
Using native plants in landscapes provides numerous benefits from preserving the beauty of local areas to improving connectivity and environmental relationships at broad geographic scales. You will learn how to incorporate natives into a residential landscape and what techniques can help ensure a successful planting. Speaker will also discuss some basic considerations critical to the effective use of native species in landscapes and present different ways natives can be used to create habitat for birds, pollinators and people. Lots of photos of plants. Bring your notebooks and questions.



Saturday April 17th, 10:00am – 11:30am                                         
Practical Irrigation: Using Water Wisely in the High Desert

Doug Voderberg, Water Conservation Tech for the City of Bend Utility
This class covers irrigation systems basics, irrigation equipment choices, and best management practices for both overhead and drip irrigation systems. The class will also look at irrigation efficiency and plant water need as they relate to irrigation scheduling. The attendees will also have the ability to develop their own base irrigation schedule.


Saturday April 24th, 10:00am – 11:30am                                     
Lawn Care & Maintenance in Central Oregon

Amy Jo Detweiler, Professor of Horticulture, Oregon State University Extension Service

In this class we will explore the best types of lawns to grow, establishing lawns from seed or sod, best practices for keeping your lawn healthy including irrigation, mowing, aerating, and dethatching, and common problems in the lawn including environmental, disease, weed and insect.

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