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Discovery Community Garden
If there will be more than one person tending this garden, please add their contact information

Community Garden Guidelines


Care of the Community

  • Gardeners are asked to volunteer for 30 minutes on two occasions during the season to help with garden maintenance. Please check with a garden volunteer.  

  • All beds must show planting activity by the 2nd week of June.  If you must abandon your bed for any reason, please contact a Garden Mentor (GM) as early as possible.  Your bed can be reassigned to a wait-listed person and you will be issued a refund.  However, refunds will not be available after June 12.

  • Unless prior arrangements are made with your GM, all beds must be cleared by closing day in mid-October. Bare cloche frames and soil may be left after ALL other materials, like plastic and row cover, stakes and plant debris, are removed.    

  • OSU Extension Service, OSU Master Gardener(tm) Volunteers, or the landowners are not responsible for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by you or any of your guests. 

Care of the community garden

  • Plant waste (not weeds) may be placed in the yard debris bins (tan lids), situated inside the fence on the north side of the garden, for composting.    

  • Hoses should be stowed after use and not moved to another faucet.    

  • Ensure that gates are closed and latched when entering and leaving the garden.  

Care of your own garden

  • Supply your own organic soil amendments, compost for example.   All soil amendments and fertilizers must be organic.   Pesticides are not allowed.  Before purchasing manure to add to your bed, please contact a GM for guidelines.  This is important.  

  • Beds must be tended and well-kept all season including removal of weeds before they spread by roots and before they go to seed. Please keep your bed and the area around it weeded and picked up.  Put weeds in the trash barrels, not yard waste. 

  • It is imperative to make every effort to secure your bed against squirrels and chipmunks by following the guidelines and instructions provided by your GM.  

Visitors and Guests

  • Children must be chaperoned by an adult at all times while in the garden.        

  • Please respect other’s garden beds by observing only and not touching vegetation or sampling produce.  Please watch children in this regard as well.  Dogs are not allowed in the garden.


  • Each bed is equipped with 3 micro sprayers which are automatically operated. You can adjust the amount of water emitted from the sprayer by turning the head slightly while the water is running. The amount of time the sprayers run will be adjusted centrally throughout the season to compensate for the weather. Beds are not individually timed. You can add more water to your bed using the faucets and hoses placed around the garden.    

Thank you! See you in the Garden!

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