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Master Gardener of the Year Nomination
The recipient of the award for Master Gardener of the Year works tirelessly on behalf of the Oregon State University Master Gardener program. Their exceptional efforts and ideas support the philosophy and educational goals of the local extension office.

This award requires a Master Gardener to exhibit an outstanding willingness to help coordinate numerous projects, and attend both Board and Quarterly Meetings. Maintaining a high number of volunteer hours validates exceptional participation, many of these without being asked. Continuing education through recertification is a priority for this special Master Gardener and he or she is knowledgeable on a variety of topics.

Important personal traits include a friendly personality, understanding nature and the ability to work well with others. Outstanding organizational skills and the unique ability to encourage others to teach in the community are part of the recipient’s nature.

This is a distinct award that should be fully enjoyed and celebrated by one individual. The decision making criteria should be based upon the fact that our main mission is to educate our “neighbors” and assist them in their landscaping and gardening problems. Therefore, in the case of a tie, and all things being equal between candidates, the final decision rests upon what the person has done to positively impact the public instead of efforts within the COMGA organization. In order to acknowledge an outstanding Master Gardener for continually serving the program, it is possible for someone to hold this distinction multiple times, but not two years consecutively.

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Send to submit your nomination by August 21st
 to: or print (Ctrl + P) and send this form to:
OSU Extension Service, Horticulture Agent Amy Jo Detweiler, 3800 S.W. Airport Way Bldg #4 , Redmond, OR 97756
In accordance with the mission of Central Oregon Master Gardener Association , please identify what the candidate has contributed

Thanks for nominating a great volunteer!

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