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COMGA welcomes new ideas, techniques and projects that will provide positive learning experiences to the Master Gardeners and/or the Central Oregon gardening community.  To that end, the chapter considers new projects that will implement our motto in a cost-effective way, utilizing our volunteers and resources to create the highest quality programs that will meet community needs.

This proposal process and form will apply to all new projects requesting funding greater than $50, yearly ongoing projects, or major one time projects.

• A proposer will present a brief proposal outline of a new project at the monthly COMGA board meeting to determine if there is enough initial interest by the group to proceed.
• If there is enough interest, the individual or committee would complete the attached new project proposal form.
• A proposal is then presented to the standing New Project Committee.
• With committee approval, the new project is referred to the standing Budget Committee. If not approved, the reasons are discussed with the project proposer and that information is presented to the COMGA board. The proposer always has the option to redesign and resubmit the project proposal.
• The budget committee evaluates the financial feasibility of the project and makes a recommendation to the New Project Committee.
• The New Project Committee and the proposer will take the proposal to the COMGA board for final discussion and approval at the next monthly board meeting.
• The review process will be completed within a month of the full proposal being submitted.

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