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COMGA Joy of Gardening Assistance Application

Please answer the following questions:

Please provide a breakdown of the amount of assistance you are requesting based on the costs of the following:

Total amount requested:

The application is due 30 days before the conference begins. Proof of payment for your registration must be submitted with this application – blackout any payment card information but leave the amount paid on the copy submitted. Please Apply Now or print and mail it to 



The Scholarships Committee will review your application and you will be notified by June 30th of the amount of assistance you will receive. You may not receive the total amount of assistance you are requesting; the amount awarded will be determined by the number of applicants requesting assistance, the total amount requested by all applicants and by the amount of budgeted funds available. A reimbursement check will be sent to you after the conclusion of the conference and after you have provided the Treasurer with copies of the receipts for your direct conference costs. If you should change your mind or need to cancel your assistance application, please notify the COMGA Treasurer before the conference:

If you need a copy, Ctrl + P to print a pdf before clicking Apply Now.

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

COMGA Treasurer at:

3800 SW Airport Way, Bldg. 4

Redmond, OR 97756

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