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Vegetable Gardening in C.O.

Session A1

Water-wise Gardening

Session B1

Gardening Basics for the High Desert

Session C1

Vegetable Gardening in C.O.

Session D1

The Art of Kokedama - Materials Fee: $10

Session A2

Growing Tree Fruits in the High Desert

Session B2

Avoiding the Green Meatball

Session C2

DIY: Great Containers - Materials Fee: $10

Session D2

Practical Irrigation

Session A3

Integrated Pest Management

Session B3

Canning Your Harvest

Session C3

Fire Resistant Landscapes

Session D3

Native Plant Landscaping

Session A4

Producing Berries in Your Home Garden

Session B4

Raising Mason Bees in C.O.

Session C4

Backyard Composting

Session D4